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Community Care

Learn what it takes to run a successful community care business

Community Care

Community Care is a rapidly growing segment of home care services. This service is found in independent senior communities – apartments and small ‘cluster’ homes- where home care services are provided in very short visits. Caregivers will visit several clients, some more than once during their shift. Traditional home care is one caregiver providing service to one client in their home. Visits range from an hour to 24/7. Consulting services can include:

  • Education on what is community care. Overview and real-life experiences in servicing communities from Gina and Tim Murray
  • Overview of technology to provide community care.
  • A recommended staffing plan to service your IL communities
  • Development of a set of best practices to achieve and maintain high community management satisfaction
  • How to establish communication channels among community staff, residents, families, and agency staff.
  • Development of orientation training for caregivers
  • Marketing and sales strategies to turn residents into clients
  • Development of pricing and packaging – how to charge
  • How to measure profitability and caregiver utilization

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